How to Be a Professional Soccer Player

How to become a footballer

Learn the 3 steps to follow to become Pro.

Included, how to improve, get seen and impress.

How do I become a pro footballer?

If you’ve landed here, we’re sure you’re ready to start your journey to become a footballer.

Your journey will be divided into 3 very importanr steps:


  • Improve a become a better player day by day.


  • Get scouted and join a professional football academy.


  • Impress and go through the ranks of the academy until you reach the first team.


We’re going to explain what to do in each part of your jurney so you can have the highest change of become a soccer pro!

how to become a footballer with examples of pro players

How to become a better football player fast

To become a better football player you need to improve every aspect of youyr game, this way, you will be a complete player that can be reliable and produce results when the team most needs it.

There are many aspects of your game to improve, but the main ones are:

You needs to practise these parts of your game consistently and smartly.

By smartly, we mean creating a objetive system, where you identify your goal, for example improve your weak foot, and you put all your energies into practising this alone and with other players in your team.

You need to track the progress of this goal, and once you’ve achieved it, you can go into the next goal. A way of doing this efficiently is knowing how to train correctly and perform under pressure, which we’ll explain later.

The best soccer drills and exercises to improve your game

There are many exercises and drills out there, but these are the ones we practise always in our academy and can improve you the fastest to become a footballer as quick as possible.

Weak foot exercise

This exercise improves the ability of your weak foot because it has to do lots of small movements with the ball under control when you kick it.

Doing this exercise improves your technique of your weak foot by requiring you to do lots of small movements with the ball under control, which helps improve your weak foot. After going around once, then, go around the square again sprinting with the football as fast as possible, but this time dribbling with your weaker foot.

This exercise mimics two types of situations you will encounter in a game, which are short and sharp controls of a ball, and fast and powerful sprints.

When planting your strong foot correctly in front of you, push yourself off of it with explosivity and keep the ball under control with your weak foot.

Defending drill

The most efficient way to train your positioning in the field as a defender is to do screenage game-like situations.

This is something that many clubs do and it works very well. The trick? Make sure you do it with a real-game intensity and don’t stop every few passes.

You need a coach or a knowledgeable friend to check how you’re moving in the field, and once the action is finished, talk to your and correct your positioning.

Make sure you listen and implement the information they’re giving you!

Technique exercise

If you want to play in Europe you have to have a good technique, so the first exercise works on your touch and technique. It’s so simple to do that you can do it completely by yourself and with no gear.

Bounce the ball on the floor as hard as possible and as it comes down, try to take it in its stride with an orientated control. To do it as fast as possible, it’s better if you let the ball bounce slightly and then take it in your stride. Similar to the small bounce you do with a half volley. Practise this control going forward, left, right and backwards. Also, don’t forget to do it with your weak foot!

The objective of this exercise is to master your control of the ball when it comes in an unwanted way. You won’t always get the perfect pass in the floor, sometimes, the ball might come in the air, knee level, bouncing, and more, so the mor prepared you are to do this in a game the better!

Speed drill

Put 3 cones in a line 10 meters from each other, then, sprint forward and reach a cone and track backwards five meters then do it again 3 more times with 3 more cones in front of you, until you reach the end.

Perform this exercise with a ball, and make sure you don’t lose the control when you sprint, stop, and strack backwards. This drills will be a killer for your legs, but totally worth it!

You’re not only working forward acceleration, but also backwards!

Finishing drill

Do 1v1’s with the keeper, but start your sprint from the center of the field.

This way, by the time you get to the keeper you will be a bit fatigued and it will test your decision making and composure in a more game-like realistic way.

This is also trying to mimic a counter attack situation.

The objective is not to dribble around the keeper, but rather to try to shoot and finishing around him (or between the legs).

How to train soccer to become a better player

It’s crucial that you learn how to learn. This might sound confusing but, listen up!

Firstly, you need to identify your goal, and visualize it, for example, if you want to improve your weak foot, how does that look like? Perhaps being able to clear the ball from the box to thr stricker in you’re a defender, or making a shot on goal with your weak side if you’re a winger.

You need to be able to do this goal consistently. That’s what sccess looks like.

Now that you’ve indentified your goal, think of what makes it difficult to do this at the moment? Is it your foot positioning? Your balance? Your power with the weak leg? Perform this thinking exercises and work precisely on the things that are taking you back, with your team and alone.

Little by little you will see that inspecting the issue bit by bit and working in each aspect, will improve the overall goal and reach the objetive fast!

We work with this methodology in Alicante Football Academy and many players have been able to improve and join an academy fast:

How to show your abilities in a game

If you want to become a footballer you’re going to have to deal with pressure and make the right decisions at the right time.

You need to work in your mental state, indentify your emotions in a game. Are you nervous? Is the game too quick? Perhaps you don’t know where to be in the field?

As with the point before, explore the issues your experiencing in game day and why are they stopping you on performing your abilities and game.

The goal, is that you’re able to feel as close and possible in a real football game, as youy feel when you train alone or with your team. This way, you will have a clear mind and be able to make the right decisions.

Also, you need to have a fish memory. What’s this?

Once something happens in a game, like a mistake or a missed chance, forget about it instantly!

If you don’t, you will not have a clear mind and once another chance comes you will fail again, and get in a loop. Ask your coaches for advice on this! We always give mental help to our players in the academy.

How to find an academy to become a footballer

You have many possibilities to get scouted and join a football academy. We have compiled a few of the actions you can do, but we’ve also made 2 full guides about this so you can check them out too:

Impress football scouts

Football scouts are people who work for clubs that are trying to improve their teams and academies.

Therefore, they’re looking for great players in games and training. If you’re already improving your game, learning how to train better, and having a clear mind and performing in games, like we’ve explained before, your changes of getting scouted will be high.

However, is not as easy as it sounds.

Make sure you listen to your coach and have a strong tactical game. Your coach has the same desire that a scout has, they want to win an improve their team, therefore, if you listen and perform the things that your coach asks you, you will show to scouts that you are a reliable player, and you understand the tactical side of the game.

Learn when to play easy, and when to do an actions that stand out. This is difficult to do, but with experience you will realise when the best times are for each thing. A perfect mix of simple reliable actions, and actions that are ‘different’ and ‘game-changing’ is the perfect mix to impress scouts.

How to get a football agent

Football agents are similar to scouts, however they work for an agency that can find players teams to sign.

They also look at the same stuff that scouts look at so the advice is very similar.

One note is simply to be careful, speak to your parents and converse with the agent before you sign any contract with him/her. At the end of the day, they’re looking to get a profit out of you, so identify if the agent is real, and it looking at your best interest.

Should you get an agent to become a soccer pro?

Is it absolutely not needed, in fact, if you work on your game, you won’t need to find one as clubs will com directly to you. Agents are only needed when you’re already a pro and you need help and advise with other football matters like contracts, sponsorships and more.

How to contact football clubs directly

You can also contact clubs directly for a trial, however we strongly recommend to have a good video of you, with shots taken in a real game, as well as training.

This way, the club can have a look at you first and decide if they want to give you a trial.

This will also show the club that you’re desire to be a footballer is unmatched, and you’ll be already ticking a box in their mind!

In the video you can see some advice on how to contact football clubs.

To shoot correctly at goal and do a good finishing you have to make sure your steps towards the ball are performed in a coordinated way, and that you’re not close or too far from the ball when making contact.

Also, is important that you make a correct contact with the ball, with the correct part of your foot, depending of the type of shot you’ve chosen to do.

You also need to learn the different types of shots there are and master them.

Finally, you need to follow through with the swing of your left towards the goal so the ball can follow the trajectory correctly.

In Alicante Football Academy we make sure that every player, in any position, gets personalized training and manages to find a team!
Finishing is very important to succeed and catch the attention of scouts in soccer trials in Spain and Europe, some of the players in our academy managed to sign for soccer academies in Spain and Europe thanks to their shooting and finishing in the field, here you can see some examples:

How to join a specialised football academy that finds teams for you

A specialised academy like ours will improve you as a player and do the hard work of finding a team for you.

Opposite to the last point, this is the most likely way you can succeed in joining an actual Pro Football Club Academy in Spain.

Check our Inside Alicante Football Academy video to see how football academies work.

One day in Alicante Football Academy in Spain

You can see the success stories from some of the players in our academy Alicante Football Academy who have managed to join a soccer club in Spain in just a month!

Alicante football academy player in newspaper

How to become pro in a football academy

Once you’ve attended a football trial and you’ve impressed the team, you will be invited to sign and join the football academy. Great news!

We’ve helped many players sign in team in Europe and Spain, and from first hand, we know that this is only the beginning of ypur journey!

Know you’re going to be surrounded by better players, as well as playing against them. This will make it harder for you to impress, however don’t worry, because it will also make you improve faster!

You need to do these things:

1. Work on your confidence

You’re going to do more mistakes, simply because you’re exposed to better competition. Remember that when academies sign players, they’re looking at a long term investment.

Remember that you have time to improve, and that coaches are looking at how you react to mistakes, whether is a bad pass or a bad month of football! Go back to the fish-memory mentality, look at mistakes as opportunities to show coaches that you have the ability to come back stronger.

If you look closely and the top games in the world, like the Champions League, there are constant mistakes! This is because one team is attacking and another defending, so it’s completely normal and part of the game for the defending team to win the action a force a mistake out of you.

2. Work on your mindset

Learn how to deal with pressure, with other players, with intense physical actions. how to learn, how to do mistakes and forget about them, how to listen and perform what they say.

These are big mental tasks that not even adults can do many times! Understand that you’re in a hard challenge, that football isn’t easy and that you can fail, but understand that you have been given a chance and that you are good enough to learn and perform consistently under all this pressure!

Remember: To become a footballer you need to performing consistently, be reliable, make the right decisions, and in some instances, produce extraordinary actions.

So your whole mindset should be set to achieve this balance and goal.

Finally, remember many times you can’t control what happens, but you can absolutely control how you feel about what happens. Learn to feel about htings in a way that it isn’t going to hurt your performance or mindset. For example, if your coach has benched you, there’s nothing you can do about that anymore, it has passed. You can feel sad for a bit, it’s normal, but as quick as possible, change your feeling from sadness to motivation to show your coach that he is wrong.

This is because if you felt sad, it would be harder to impress your coach in training, which will mean that you will stay benched. However, if you feel motivated to show him he’s wrong, you’re in a much better headspace to perform that exact action! You can control your mind.

3. Listen to your coaches and perform exactly what they ask form you.

We’ve mentioned this throughout the article, you need to take the advice and instructions your coaches tell you as pure gold!

They’re literally telling you what you have to do to become a better player, and impress them. Is like a roadmap to becoming a footballer!

Always have this as your top priority in your goal to becoming a professional soccer player. This way, you’ll be a reliable player that can improve the team and win games.

4. Learn to execute efficiently and take risks

Finally, be rutheless with your execution. Have a clear mindset, and clear through process on how to perform different tasks and do this consistently.

This will help you to become more cold mentally and execute the actions that the team needs to win in every circumstance, whether you’re under pressure because you’re playing with the older age or if you’re in a final of a tournament!

At what age can you become a footballer?

Normally football players made their debut at around 20 years old. However, academies are improving their abilities to teach young kids how to play football, and this means that players are making their debuts younger.

However, keep in mind that you can become a footballer at any age. If you follow the steps to becoming the best version of a player you can be, you will have the highest chance to becoming good enough to be pro, as soon as possible. But don’t get down if you’re already over 20 years old.

There are countless examples of players that have had a succesfull career starting late!

How do you become a footballer in Europe, UK AND SPAIN?

Europe follows a strick academy centric system, where talented players are found at an early age, and are developed in the academies to, in some day, make their debut in the first team.

Therefore, your main goal should be to come to Europe and play football here to get scouted and join an academy.

We are an academy in Spain that improves oyu as a player, and at the same time finds you real Pro football academies in Spain and Europe so you can go on trial and join them. So, join us today!

How do you become a footballer in the US?

The US as a draft system where players go into colleague and join their school teams. These teams plaay in a league where scouts come and look for talent to sign into their MLS clubs.

Is it easy to become a footballer?

It is not easy to become a footballer. In fact, is very har as only around 2% of players in soccer academies make their debut in the first team.

However, you need to remember that you’re doing what you love, which is playing football, and that you’re in a journey to achieving your goal! This is already a blessing for you.

For this reason, is crucial to keep on top your studies in case you don’t reach your goal. In our academy we offer our players a full course about football coaches, as well as study time for players who are already studying remotely.

Should I create a football CV?

Yes, in the CV explain your strong points, points of improvement, position, physical information, past teams, and most importantly a video of you playing in football games.

This way, you’ll be bale to contact clubs yourself and send them this CV to impres the!

Do I need to go on trials to become a footballer?

Football trials are just a way for teams to see if you’re good enough and how to blend with the team before they invest in you and sign you.

Trials are a natural part of football that, at some point or another, you’re going ot be exposed to if you want to become a footballer. Therefore, yes, you need to go on trials to be a pro!

We have a full guide on how to go on trials yso check it out!


You need to improve the different parts of your games, learn how to identify your shortcomings and critically think of them and how to improve, then find a football academy to join, and finally, have a strong mindset and become a reliable and consistent player once you’ve joined an academy.

Yes, infact if you become a player that is good, reliable and consistent, and football scouts find you, you will get payed for this!

It is not easy to become a footballer. In fact, is very har as only around 2% of players in soccer academies make their debut in the first team.

However, you need to remember that you’re doing what you love, which is playing football, and that you’re in a journey to achieving your goal! This is already a blessing for you.

For this reason, is crucial to keep on top your studies in case you don’t reach your goal. In our academy we offer our players a full course about football coaches, as well as study time for players who are already studying remotely.


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