Football Soccer Academy In Spain

Alicante Football Academy

The international football academy in Spain.

We train you.

We find you Pro Clubs in Spain.

Success Stories In Our Soccer Academy IN SPAIN


We are an international soccer academy in Spain with UEFA Pro licensed coaches and players from all over the world.

We train you with the Spanish football style and make you a better player.

We find you professional clubs to train as a trial in Spain, thanks to our net of football scouts.

If you impress the clubs, you will have the possibility to sign a Pro contract and join a football academy in Spain.

A full day in Alicante Football Academy

The Spanish Soccer Academy Philosophy

The soccer Academy benefits from top-class football facilities in Alicante.

Including the use of high standard top-quality training pitches, a modern gym and a premium residence.

The aim is to deliver intensive coaching sessions designed to improve and develop your individual level.

alicante football academy player squad

What Makes Alicante Football Academy Different?

You will train in the mornings with the other international players and our UEFA Pro licensed coaches.

Straight away after joining us, you will train with Professional Spanish Clubs as a football trial in the evenings and weekends. Giving you the best chance to become a Pro player in Spain.

If you are good enough and the clubs are interested in you, there will be a possibility to sign a professional contract in Spain.

You can join the academy from 16 years old.

What Does Our International Spanish Soccer Academy Include?

Our football academy for international students includes the following:


  • Full time football academy with training twice a day.
  • UEFA PRO European qualified Full Time Coaches.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week.
  • Gym and group training.
  • High quality accommodation.
  • Spanish language courses.
  • Coaching courses.
  • Training Kit.
  • Beach soccer.
  • Excursions and entertainment with team.
football academy in spain squad training

Full time Youth Soccer Academy in Spain

Training. Improve. Sign with Pro Clubs in Spain.

“We relate to the passion and desire of  football players and we know how to help you accomplish your dream of becoming a successful soccer player in Spain.”

How does Alicante Football Academy work?


Join the Academy

Filling up our Form

To join our soccer school fill the registration form below. Before that, check all our information and chose how long you want to join us in the Join The Academy section.

football academy players in spain training

Train and develop

With our UEFA Qualified coaches

You will train in the mornings with Alicante Football Academy players and in the evenings with Professional Spanish teams in Alicante for a chance to get a contract.


Work in your studies

Live in our academy

Enjoy the comfortable life living in our international academy and improve your level with our daily training, gym and other facilities. Work in your studies with our Advanced Coaching Course.

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Train with Pro Clubs

Get a Professional Contract in Spain

Showcase your talents and new soccer abilities when you train with Pro Clubs and join them with a Professional Contract.

Are you from outside Europe? Check out our page about joining us if you’re an international player from abroad.



Our mission is to find you a Professional Club in Spain.

To achieve this, we will work together to improve you as a player and we will present you to clubs.

Whatever your current level is, you will train with Pro Clubs in Alicante. If you are good enough and they want you you will sign a Professional Football Contract.

Lauri Nakstroem

Alicante Football Academy Director

Phone: +34656288990


alicante football academy in spain director carlos

At the same time, you will work in your studies.

With our Advanced Coaching Course and our Spanish Courses
Our Soccer Academy for International students is the stepping stone before becoming a professional footballer.

Carlos Romero

Academy Coordinator

Our Top Class facilities will make you feel like a high standard Pro Player.


You will live in the Residential Academy Hotel with the other players. Morning trainings will take place in our Soccer School fields. We have our own Gym for Strength and Conditioning training.


Everything you need to live comfortably and perform at your best

Julio Bonmati

Academy Head Coach

alicante soccer academy in spain head coach julio
alicante football academy in spain coach

To play in a Spanish Soccer Academy and you have to be in peak physical condition.


Daily morning strength and conditioning exercises are a focus in the academy.

You can only perform as good as your body allows you. We take our players fitness to the Pro level.

Ruben Canos

Assistant Coach

If you’re a keeper, you can learn how to play with your feet in Spain.


Goalkeepers in Spain have the reputation of being technical with their feet. As well as improving you as a keeper.

You will learn to play as the modern style of keeper.

Oliver Muelas

Goalkeeper Coach

alicante soccer academy in spain
technical coach in spanish academy in the field

Football clubs always look at your technical abilities when deciding if they want to sign you!

In Spain, we put a lot of emphasis on technical training and improving your skills and touch.

You will get individual skills training in the morning trainings to being the best out of you!

Alberto Rubio

Technical Coach

We want your experience in Spain to be excellent! We have a very structured methodology to have everything under control.

We make your Spanish experience smooth, and make sure the rooms are set up, you’re taken to every session and trial, the sessions start on time and that everything is set up correctly.

Rauno Post


international academy coach in the soccer field in spain




9 Months Football Academy

All included training season

Total: 15.300 EUR per season

Full season most popular



6 Months Football Academy

All included training season

Total 10.500 EUR per season



3 Months Football Academy

All included training session

Total: 5.400 EUR per 3 months



1 Month Football Academy

All included training session

Total: 1.850 EUR per 1 month


How to join a football academy in Spain

Have you ever felt lost trying to understand how to get into a football team?

Do you want to join a football academy?

In this guide we explain the most common ways to get into a team in Spain fast and how we help you in the process in Alicante Football Academy.

success stories of football trials in spain

Have you ever been in a football trial?

Do you want to attend one and get signed for a football academy?

In this guide we explain all there is to know about about this and how we help you in the process in Alicante Football Academy.

design with four players scouted in football and europe

Do you know what you have to do to get scouted?

How can you make scouts come to watch you play?

In this guide we explain how you can get scouted and how we help you in the process in Alicante Football Academy.

how to train for football and soccer drills

Have you ever felt you need to train better to become a good footballer?

Do you want to bring your training sessions to another level?

In this guide we explain the best exercises, used by the best academies in the world, that we do in our morning trainings.

how to train for speed football title

Have you ever wanted to get even faster?

Do you want to be the difference in every game and go past all your opponents?

In this guide we explain how we train speed in the academy and how you can score more football goals every game!

how to defend in football and densive training drills article cover

Have you ever wanted to become a better defender?

Do you want to be a strong, imposing defender that can lead a game?

In this guide we explain how we train defending in the academy and the best defending soccer drills to do alone and with your team!


You have to be 16 years old to join Alicante Football Academy. The maximum age is 23 years old.

Fill in our registration form here.

You can join the academy from 1 month to a 9 month full season.

We have UEFA PRO level standard coaches with experience coaching Profesional Clubs in Spain as well as Strength and Conditioning coaches to take your game to the next level.

You are not required to do a test to enter our academy. You join us and start training with the Academy , also you will be exposed to Pro Spanish clubs with an opportunity to join them with a Professional Contract.

You will train from Monday to Friday in the mornings with the Academy players. Then you will train with Pro Spanish Clubs in Alicante in the afternoons between 3 and 5 days a week. Added to that there will be Strength and Conditioning trainings in the gym weekly.

No. Regardless of your current football abilities, we will train you and improve you daily and showcase you to clubs matching your level.

You will live in the official Alicante Soccer Academy complex in Alicante with all the other players. You will be picked up from there to train and to join other clubs in Alicante.

Alicante is one of the most beautiful and relaxed cities in Spain. You can enjoy mild winter temperatures and hot summers.

Soccer academies in Europe are known to have the highest level and make the highest number players from academy players to professinals.


This form is for questions related to our academy.

Before you send your questions check our website because we have all the information listed.

If you want to join us do not fill up this form, click the registration button below.

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