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We are a football academy in Spain that hosts international players in our residence in Alicante and trains them daily to prepare them for football trials in Spain and Europe.

We have a big web of contacts with clubs and agencies in Spain and Europe where

Once you join Alicante Football Academy we will send you to football clubs in Spain to attend soccer trials and have a chance to sign for them with a professional contract.


Have you ever been confused about football trials and what they really are? You’re not alone.

This is because there are many different types and ways to do soccer tryouts. But, we are sure your main question is:

  • How do I get a football trial in Europe and Spain?
  • How do I actually pass a soccer trial?
We’ve got you covered, is actually way simpler than you think. Let’s get into it!
success stories of football trials in spain

What Are Football Trials?

Football trials or tryouts are known as the process where you are evaluated by a club to know whether you have the abilities and are a good fit to join them.

Normally, for a team to invest their time in evaluating you, they have to had seen you play or have an initial interest in you, however, there are other ways to get a trial. More about this in the upcoming points.

There are different types of trials:

  • Training session
  • Soccer matches
  • Week long trials
  • Trial in you own club, when a scout comes to see you play to make a decision
  • Even month long trials in some cases

Your objective in a soccer open trial is to be yourself. It might sound contradictory to other opinions where they say you have to play your best and be extraordinary.

This later point is true but, if you stop and think about it, you have to play your game and be yourself because if you succeed and get signed by a football academy, but you have played a different way in the trial or have played in an extraordinary way just in the tryout, they will see the real you once you join your new club.

In a nutshell, being yourself and playing your game, has to be good enough to impress the academy scouts and coaches of the club. And the way to do that is to improve your overall game.


There are different ways to get an opportunity for a soccer trial in Spain and Europe and every single on is valid.

We have listed them with a score from 1 to 10 of the probability of getting signed:

You are seen BY A CLUB SCOUT playing for your own club.

Probability Score
Probability Score

You are seen by a football agent playing for your own club

You join a trial day with lots of other players

Probability Score
Probability Score

You contact clubs straight away and try to convince them to give you a trial.

You join a specialised football academy which prepares you for the trials and finds trials for you.

Probability Score

1. You are seen playing for your own academy club

This is actually the favourite way to find players for clubs and academies. Is the most natural and neutral way with on one involved in the process.

This is the reason why youth clubs spend lots of money putting together teams of soccer scouts to look for young talent.

How to get scouted is a question we get a lot.  It requires similar attributes from you as a trial, if you can impress a soccer scout you can impress a coach in your tryout.

However, for you, as a young football talent looking for opportunities, this is the hardest and least probable way to get a soccer open trial in Spain or Europe.

Normally, only top clubs can afford this and the amount of real talent they miss is very big as they don’t have the resources to find every player.

Find out more info about how to join a football academy straight away in the link.

2. You are seen by a football agent playing for your own soccer club

This is a similar point to the last one. In this case, clubs are not really fans of this as there’s a third party involved and they are going to have to pay for you if they want to sign you in their football club.

In modern football, this is becoming the new normal and football youth academies are getting used to having more people involved.

For you, this is a bit easier and smoother that the other option as agents have the interest of making money, which isn’t necessarily wrong, so the are actively looking for football talents like you, and consequently, their standards to choose a player might be lower and they need to sign players in football clubs to make a living.

3. You join an open football trial day with other players

This is a smart move by clubs. They have come together to make their job easier and created football open trial days.

These consist of full training and pro game days where they put together inhouse trials for lots of players, so basically, they don’t have to go around looking for them and the players come to them.

Normally, there aren’t any standards to join these open tryout days, however other times there are.

Even though this is a real chance, it’s probably the least probable one for you to succeed and actually get a contract in a soccer academy in Spain or Europe.

The most important thing in a trial is that it’s personalised for you and that the coaches and scouts are focused on evaluating your football abilities, not the ones of 100 other kids.

This video-documentary shows first hand what these open day football trials are like:

4. You contact clubs straight away for a soccer tryout

We have spoken about these kinds of techniques in another article about How to join a football academy in Spain and Europe straight away.

If you have time, you are creative and determined, there is always a possibility that they will answer, however, it’s extremely improbable that they will even see your email.

However, never say never, if you do you will need this to have a better chance of succeeding:

  • A video of yourself playing, preferably in your clubs. This is a must.
  • A good presentation of yourself. Don’t make it too long.
  • A CV where you list your basic soccer info. Position, clubs you’ve played in, main strengths, height and weight, nationality, etc.
This is a video of a former Alicante Football Academy player who played in clubs around Europe. He made this video himself with a compilation of his games clips.

These websites give very valuable info about contacting clubs and football trials:

5. Join a specialised football academy for trials like Alicante Football Academy

Our academy is entirely based on finding you trials and clubs to join in Spain.

We train you in the mornings to prepare you for the tryouts.

Then we send you in the afternoons to soccer clubs in the Spain and Europe for training and games so you can be tested and evaluated.

The moment you join Alicante Football Academy, you will be attending pro trials straight away.

More info below on how Alicante Football Academy works.

The reason why this is a most probable way for you to succeed and get signed in the soccer tryout in 2020 is because:

football session in soccer trials in spain
  • You are being prepared intensively for an actual trial. No other club or academy prepares their players specifically to succeed in trials. Doing this, your probabilities to sign increase drastically.
  • We have connections with clubs and send players weekly. These strong bonds have been made through time, with this, clubs trust us to bring real talents and not waste their time.
  • You will attend extensive trial periods. You won’t go there for one session or game, rather, a week or even month. This makes it easier for you to feel confident in the soccer trial and express yourself and your abilities.
  • You will attend different trials for different clubs. This is a unique experience for you and you will have the benefit of getting feedback for one trial and taking it on board for your next one, improving and performing better in each tryout you attend.
  • Some of our coaches also coach pro clubs in Spain. I’m sure you can already understand why this is a game changer. If your own coach in Alicante Football Academy is also the main coach in Spanish clubs like La Nucia or San Gabriel, you can be sure he will know your abilities inside out. You are basically being coached by an actual scout every day!



Spain is an unique country with trials because the country is filled with talent so clubs tend to have strong scouting systems and they’re also willing to bring players in their training sessions and games as a trials to see their abilities.

Do you know all the teams in Spain? Check out this list to know all the football teams you have in Spain.

Some exercises you will do in a football trial in Spain are:

  • Possession games. They look at your vision and ability to get away from the opposition.
  • 1v1 situations. They look at your skills and your abilities to take on defenders.
  • Real game situations. They look at your overall game, this is your moment to shine.
  • Passing drills. They look at your passing abilities but also at the way you understand and listen to specific exercises.
  • Rondo. They look at your first touch and awareness of space.

In Alicante Football Academy we prepare you to perform these exercises so you can impress the academy scouts in the tryout.


Soccer trials specifically in Europe are a great way to join a club if you are from the United States of America. Clubs have a lot of contacts with people in the US and there’s possibilities you could attend one.

Another possibility is attending a specialised academy for trials.

Check the info specific info to join our soccer academy in Europe in you are from outside the EU.


Football trials normally are a bit stressful and will make you feel nervous. However, there are certain things you can do to prepare yourself and have a good time.

  • Have experience playing in stressful situations. Things like playing against good academies, playing games where there’s a lot at stake, even playing through hard personal times can harden you to perform better in soccer tryouts, it all counts.
  • Be trained specifically for a trial. Joining an academy like Alicante Football Academy will prepare you for this as you will prepare for the types of exercises you will do and what the clubs will be looking for in a trial.
  • Have faith in your abilities. We aren’t speaking about blind belief in yourself, we are speaking about real belief that comes from working hard, having the abilities and knowing you can showcase your talent in any situation.
  • Ask people with experience for help. Asking for help is a thing that can take you a long way in life. Sometimes a simple phrase or story from someone who has walked the walk can completely change your mindset. If you know friends, coaches or family members who have attended trials ask for advice. In our academy you will get constant advice from real Pro UEFA coaches and Sport Directors.

Simple answer. You have to be comfortable with yourself in the situation to make sure you can express yourself and your abilities correctly.

Moreover, your abilities have to be in the standard required to join the academy you are doing soccer trials for.

Finally, you have to perform well in the specific exercises and know what they are looking for in each situation. For example, in a 5v5 possession in a trial, the scouts might not be looking for your abilities to go through players, but for your capabilities to see space and move off from the opponents.

Is important to have a full tank of carbohydrates. Slow digesting carbohydrates are the best so the energy is released around the body steadily.

These are important because they give energy to your body to do cardiovascular exercises. A good overall diet high in protein will obviously improve your capabilities.

Having an agent is a way of getting trials because they actively look for clubs for you. This is their way of making a living so it’s in their own interest to succeed at this.

However there are many other ways and this is not certainly the best way to get a trial in Spain or Europe.

It is possible to get football trials for free if you get scouted in your own club or you join a free open trials day with many other players.

Getting a trial with an agent doesn’t technically mean it’s for free because if you sign for a soccer academy they will take a chunk of your actual or future earnings.

Your abilities can be worth a lot of money for clubs in the future, so they are investing their time by doing a trial for free for you so you can join them and become a football star in the future.

To pass and succeed in a football trial you have to exceed at what the coaches are looking for in each exercise.

Overall they will be looking for your abilities in general, however, the mission of each exercise is to see a different part of your game. If you can show them exactly what they want to see your probabilities of signing with them go up a lot.

Football trials are normal sessions, so if it’s a training session trial it will be around 1 hours 30 minutes.

If it’s a game trial it will be around 45 minutes.

Soccer tryouts can also last weeks or even months to make sure that the football academy can fully see your abilities.

The most common exercises and drills in a football trial are:

  • Possession games. They look at your vision and ability to get away from the opposition.
  • 1v1 situations. They look at your skills and your abilities to take on defenders.
  • Real game situations. They look at your overall game, this is your moment to shine.
  • Passing drills. They look at your passing abilities but also at the way you understand and listen to specific exercises.
  • Rondo. They look at your first touch and awareness of space.